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The world’s smallest, portable & personal air UVC disinfection cube. Made in Germany


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Your personal neocube is 10x10x10 cm small, 400g light, 4 hours battery, fits in your handbag & monitors real-time air quality. Take it with you wherever you go.

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Filters 99.97% of air particles such as CO2, fine dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria up to a size of 0.3 micrometres.

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made in germany

neocube meets the highest quality standards - it is developed, designed, 3D printed and assembled in Germany.

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UVC Light

UVC LED technology inactivates and destroys viruses and infected aerosols.

sustainable ecofriendly

neocube's materials are eco-friendly and recyclable. It is designed for you!


Technische Universität Berlin, Germany Hermann-Rietschel-Institut für Energietechnik & Luftfiltertechnik.
CE certified, patent-pending

breathe easy... wherever you go

Feel the freedom that comes with clean disinfected air! Never again miss out on safe and comfortable travel and on protecting the ones you love. No matter where you want to go; to school, over to friends, to work, to restaurants, or hotels, no matter how you go; by bus, plane, train or car the neocube will be there for you.

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neocube transforms the air you breathe increasing its quality and purity. The unique construction, combining air filtration technology, UVC light disinfection and our neomorpho app, are pioneering the next revolution of air cleaning.

How Does it work?

The air passes through different stages of purification. At first the air is drawn in by a fan and then passes through a HEPA filter. After filtration the air enters a special designed chamber with UVC light, which disinfects the air from viruses and free radicals. This process is controlled by our neomorpho app, allowing you to measure and monitor the air quality around in real-time, anywhere you go.

hepa filter

Hepa Filter explanation Creative commons
HEPA Filter Wikipedia Commons

neocube’s air filtration technology is based on HEPA filters which are tested, certified and market approved. We use a high-class HEPA filter (class 13), filtering 99.97% of air particles.

neocube filters 99.97% of particles that have a size greater than or equal to 0.3 μm. To give you an idea - a human hair is of a size of 75 μm. neocube removes solid particulates such as CO2, fine dust (PM 0.3, PM 2.5, PM 10), pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air.

With a unique compound technology, the HEPA filter paper reaches 1g glue/ m² (usually it is 3g glue/m² in the market), reaching high efficiency in air filtration and low airflow resistance.

uvc light disinfection

uvc light spectrum

Air still potentially containing viruses / infected aerosols is swirled inside the neoCube chamber, where it is directly exposed to UVC light and absorbed.

The UVC light causes the destruction of the viruses’ nucleic acid. This stops their ability to reproduce, rendering them harmless for the human body (such as coronavirus)

The neocube can significantly reduce the infection pressure in a room by irradiating infected aerosols / viruses with UVC light.

If you want to know more about UVC light don't forget to check our FAQ

neomorpho app

neomorpho app ios android

Monitoring and measuring air quality is easy with our neomorpho app. It connects to the neocube via Bluetooth and provides data such as air quality, the quantity of cubic meters cleaned around you, follows up with the average AQI (level of air pollution), allows you to set a timer and checks the neocube’s filter condition. The neomorpho app is available for Android and IOS devices.

There is a possibility to connect our neomorpho APP to our patented IoT platform, moving beyond IoT with AI for continuously upgrading air filtration performance in real time. This platform has become the most transparent and fastest way to securely and trustfully communicate, and is accessible globally for anyone on any device.

neocube air filter clean air wherever you go portable air filter for the kids

Dimensions (size & weight)

10 x 10 x 10 cm cube (4 x 4 x 4 inch) / 400g light

HEPA Filtration

filters 99.97% of particles that have a size greater than or equal to 0.3 μm. It removes solid particulates such as CO2, fine dust (PM 0.3, PM 2.5, PM 10), pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air.

uvc light

UVC LEDs with a wavelength of max. 280nm degenerate infected aerosols and viruses (such as coronavirus). The UVC light is absorbed, destroying the viruses’ nucleic acids. Viruses then can no longer replicate and become harmless for the human body.

cleaning range & CADR

neocube's cleaning range is up to 4 m² / 43.06 square feet,  which equals an area of 2 meters social distance around you. neocube's CADR is 65 m³/h


neocube is tested at Hermann-Rietschel-Institut f. Energietechnik, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, CE certified, patent-pending

What is Ultraviolet (UV) light?

According to the International Ultraviolet Association  “Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is on the short- wavelength side of the electromagnetic spectrum, occupying the range from 100 to 400 nm. The UV range is further subdivided into four categories: UV-A (315 nm to 400 nm), UV-B (280 nm – 315 nm), UV-C (200 nm – 280 nm), and vacuum UV (100 – 200 nm); vacuum UV wavelengths are so-named because of their strong absorption, even by air.
UV light is commonly used for disinfection. It inactivates microorganisms (including viruses) by degrading their genetic material and structural molecules so that they are no longer infectious. UV light is commonly used for disinfecting water, air, and surfaces; however, the wavelengths that are most effective at inactivating microbes are also considered damaging to human skin and eyes.”

What is UVC light and what is the ‘germicidal range’ of ultraviolet light?

High-energy, short-wave radiation in the wavelength range from 200 to 300 nm is referred to as UVC light. UVC radiation renders viruses harmless by destroying their nucleic acids.
According to the International Ultraviolet Association:  "The portion of the UV spectrum (the ‘germicidal’ region) that is important for the disinfection of water and air is the range that is absorbed by DNA (RNA in some viruses). This germicidal range is approximately 200-300nm."  
It has been scientifically proven, that wavelengths between 280nm and 300nm can be used for disinfection and sterilisation.

How does the neoCube filter viruses and bacteria / aerosols from the air?

When the air enters the neocube and passes through the H13 HEPA filter, bacteria and other harmful particles are filtered out. The much smaller viruses and aerosols are rendered harmless when exposed to UVC light in the specially designed safe chamber. Now the clean, disinfected air leaves the cube. We use state-of-the-art max. 280nm pure UVC LEDs in the neocube, which are ultra-safe, durable, certified (CE) and RoHS compliant with Directive 2011/65/EU.

Is the neoCube safe?

Your safety matters to us!

UVC wavelengths, same as in visible light, travel in a straight line and decrease significantly in intensity, inversely proportional to the origin, with increasing distance.  

The neocube is designed so that the UVC-LEDs are separated from the human body and eye within a chamber. This allows the air to pass by it and be disinfected, but prevents any possibility of harmful rays to reach outside the neocube. In case the neocube breaks or you open it to exchange the filter, the power supply and UVC LEDs are automatically turned off.

Is the neoCube certified?

The neocube has been tested by Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, Hermann-Rietschel-Institut für Energietechnik and Luftfiltertechnik, led by Prof. Dr. Martin Kriegel. All testings are documented in a supervised bachelor thesis at Technische Universität Berlin, an elite university with a high reputation globally.

neocube is "Made in Germany", fulfilling the highest quality standards. We carefully chose neocube's materials, e.g. the air filter, UVC-LEDs, battery and fan, paying attention to the suppliers' quality standards, sustainability and certifications. We took a deep look into each product and only picked those with the highest quality standards.

The air filter is a high-class HEPA filter, class 13, filtering 99.97% of particles. It is CE certified with DIN EN 1822-1 / DIN EN ISO 29463-1. Our supplier has been assessed and registered, meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

We use state-of-the-art with max. 280nm pure UVC LEDs in the neocube, which are ultra-safe, durable, and certified. They are CE certified and RoHS compliant with European Union’s Directive 2011/65/EU.

The RoHS (Restrictions on Hazardous Substances) Directive 2011/65/EU is a European Directive and falls within the scope of CE Marking. It lays down the rules and restrictions of the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE)
Directive EU2011/65/EU (direct links).

neocube is patent-pending.


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