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Join us in the global fight against climate change

Time to take action - With our neobutterfly you can be a hero in improving air quality and saving lives.

Did you know that the butterfly stands for change, transformation and rebirth?

It is time for a change right now.
It is time for you to transform the air you breathe for the better.
It is time for the rebirth of our planet.

Make the air you breathe cleaner !

our approach

The world’s first intelligent butterfly which enables you to breathe easy no matter where you are

The neomorpho butterfly is not only an innovative solution for transforming the possibilities of cleaning the air but also a symbol of a healthy environment, enriching the lives of people all over the world.

neomorpho butterfly first intelligent butterfly enables you to breathe clean air evrywhereneomorpho butterfly clean airneoButterfly air filter big space
7200 humans

Air Quality

in one minute neobutterfly cleans the same volume of air as 7200 humans consume in the same time.

Circular Economy

eco-friendly materials, no ozone, 100% recyclable. Will be made out of recycled materials.
air purifier technology for heavily polluted areas (CO2, NO, SO, PM 0.3 - PM 10), petroleum fumes, odors and smog, even formaldehyde and VOC gasesair purifier solar panels, custom sizes, sensors, kills viruses including covid butterfly air filter for big spaces

Our solution to larger spaces, indoor and outdoor

Versatility of the butterfly to achieve value in both: sustainability and business.

Proven air filtration technology for heavily polluted areas (CO2, NO, SO, PM 0.3 - PM 10), petroleum fumes, odors, VOC gases and smog, even formaldehyde, bacteria and viruses.

Huge potential to make a business through the wings (advertisement, energy supply, live-streaming, insulation) and also for interactive educational purposes, science and art.

Taylor - made

modular design, different sizes, customised wings and specialised filter sensors, personalised data transmission.
20 meters

Clean Air

neobutterfly's cleaning area equals 4 tennis courts, clean air can be felt in a radius of 20 meters.

Be a pioneer...

...and self advertise your company, while cleaning the air. Your logo can be displayed or you can even sponsor an entire neobutterfly, customise the design and choose the location. ​

Be innovative and use the neobutterfly in your production sites, in your logistics, within real estate, shopping malls, in offices, and/or apply them for advertising and CSR campaigns.

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